Figure 5: Settings screen (bright theme / night mode)
Image generalsettings1      Image generalsettings2     

These are the application main settings (apart from Star Chart settings). This module also provides a direct access to object databases (Figure 5).

Night Mode

Night mode (on/off) - switching between day/night mode

General settings

Geographic location

Figure 6: Geographic location screen (bright / dark theme)
Image geosettings      Image geosettings2

Setting the coordinates of observation place (Figure 6).

Observation place will be immediately recognized throughout the app by one of the nearest cities from the major world cities database (if the place is less than 20 km away from the city) or by closest user defined location (if less than 5 km away).

Astro Equipment

Object Databases

See Object Databases

Screen Settings

System-wide settings



This allows to download/redownload application databases (expansion pack and patch). Expansion pack and patch are usually downloaded automatically when application is installed. You need to download them only if there is a warning at the start of application that the expansion pack or patch is missing. Download is permitted via Wi-Fi connection only due to large file size. Start download by long-touching the Expansion pack title.

Before installation please make sure that you have at least 2 GB for Pro Edition, 540 MB for Plus Edition and 100 MB for Basic Edition of free space on your internal SD card to download application databases! (Note: due to Google Play rules this data cannot be moved to your external SD card - you must have all this space on your internal SD card!). If you redownload expansion pack or patch (they had been downloaded already) no additional free space is required - the application will automatically remove the old files.


This reinstalls application databases (expansion pack and patch).


Backup and restore of application user databases (object databases, observation lists, instruments, notes, locations, advanced search requests) to SD card /DSOPlanner/backup folder. This may be needed if you would like to use the same databases on another device. Please note that when restoring the databases all existing user databases will be removed and replaced by the databases from the backup. To be on the safe side, we recommend to backup the most critical information into the text format as well (Import/Export).


This section contains brief information about application and licensing rights.