Observations Lists

Figure 2: Observations Lists screen (bright / dark theme)

Image obs1      Image obs2      Image obs3

Observation list shows a list of objects to be observed and corresponding object images if available4 (Figure 2). To the right of an object there is a check box indicating if a user has observed an object. The check box could either be checked by a user directly or be checked automatically when taking an object note.

Objects from the current observation list are shown on Star Chart. Depending on the Hide marked objects setting one may see on Star Chart either all or non-marked objects only.

Touching an object in the list takes to the Star Chart with a touched object centred.

Menu functions

Context menu

This is similar to Object Selection context menu. Functions specific to Observations Lists:


... available4
Images are available for most NgcIc objects as well as custom catalog objects provided that a user added ones
... DSS5
Digitized Sky Survey