Select Conditions

Figure 10: Select Conditions screen (bright theme / night mode)

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This module sets filter criteria for Object Selection (Figure 10). There are two ways to search for objects - Primary and SQL-like. The first one provides with a special screen where one selects a number of parameters to search by whereas the second uses logical expression for the search.

Internal catalogs may contain same objects with different names, to make sure that search result does not contain the same object several times turn Exclude duplicates option on.

Select object catalogs

Select object catalogs for a search among all internal object databases and user catalogs

Select search type

Select either Primary search or SQL-like search.

Primary Search

SQL-like expression

This module contains a list of SQL-like expressions defined by user. Select one to use for a search. Initially the list contains 3 simple basic expressions as examples. Create a new search request with Add new search request button at the bottom of the screen.

SQL-like expression consists of two parts:

SQL request

The following fields could be used in expression (in any case - upper-case, lower-case or mixed). Any additional user database numeric fields could also be used (e.g. this is the valid expression for LDN database: $opacity>3$, and this is for WDS or Bright DS database: $separation<5\&mag2<7$)

Local request


The following operations could be used in expressions

Examples of SQL request

Example of Local request

Context Menu


Provides standard export/import operations.

Common conditions

This part allows to set conditions common to both Primary and SQL-like search.